About Us

Merlin Scientific Inc. is a Canada based, fast growing supplier for high quality scientific equipment and consumables.  We locate at Burlington, Ontario and is aiming to provide all Canadian customers the highest quality tools applicable in daily life. Our own brand product lines cover four domains of application: family lab tools, scientific beauty store, electronics and automotive accessories. Each brand aiming to provide our targeting clients – you, the most top high standard tools and equipment essential for your daily life and needs. 


Merlin products’ solid quality and sustainability have helped many of our Canadian customers for their daily usage and works. As a Canadian based corporation, we hold a Canada style of business philosophy, which hold a value that a successful business model should be based on customer focusing service and customer first business culture. We therefore believe by providing what we have been offered since we got founded, which is to always put our customer in the first place, we will be able to consistently get what we keep getting - outstanding reputations for our high-quality products and reliable, satisfying customer service experience.


Thanks for choosing us.


Let us work together to create better science in real life.